Creating multi-stage cycling, hiking, heritage, and thematic trails that connect and protect community-based tourism.

The GoodTrail team does one thing, and it does it well: Create adventure tourism routes for destinations around the world. These routes combine culture and active travel, and, in the process, encourage local businesses to meet the needs of a new generation of travelers who demand authenticity, responsibility, multi-faceted experiences, and a roots-up view of the places they visit.
GoodTrail’s goal is to facilitate and solidify community-based tourism efforts around the world while also providing visitors with a method for engaging in real travel. But, our team members are also travelers. When we help create routes for destinations, we are also imagining what we want to experience — as can be seen with our green-minded projects.

Our route-development system uses seven modules to custom-design every product.

Creating a community dream

Module 1

Trail structure takes shape

Module 2

The route becomes real

Module 3

From concept to tourism product

Module 4

Web platform and navigational app

Module 5

Planning for sustainability

Module 6

International promotion

Module 7

The personal reasons behind GoodTrail:

We believe in responsible-tourism initiatives.

Sustainably developed routes connect and highlight the earth’s amazing places.

Our team shares a desire to promote traveler education and evolution.

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