Why choose GoodTrail?

We are a passionate group of experts with over ten years of experience in developing sustainable tourism products using cutting-edge modern technology. The GoodTrail (GT) team not only creates top-quality routes for diverse travelers, but also leads the development of the route from conceptual design, to opening and its promotion worldwide. We make sure that local people play a key role in this process.
For destinations that want to put new adventure routes on the global tourism map, nothing is more important than creating interesting, easy-to-understand and memorable stories. In some destinations, this story will tell how the route connects important historical points, while in others the routes will cross borders, combine cultures, include a variety of cuisines, explore musical traditions, and cross areas of different languages and religions. Elsewhere, the route will represent the first connection of epic landscapes into a single sustainable tourism product.
The GT team’s system for developing adventure routes enables the development and promotion of quality routes that are adapted to a specific destination; from researching undiscovered corners of the destination and processing map data to cooperation with local stakeholders and marketing the uniqueness of the new route to travelers and tourists all over the world.

The GoodTrail team will:

Work with a destination’s adventure route vision from first idea to final shape
Combine top-end, cartography with tested, professional IT
Provide all GPS-data to create an interactive web platform and navigational app
Include local stakeholders at every step of the process
Develop ways for small businesses to succeed
Help create the trail's story for the worldwide tourism market
Assist in placing the route with international media outlets
Communicate the route's story to journalists, editors, travelers, and readers
Lead workshops for media, operators, businesses, and tourism professionals

Team GoodTrail

Meet our experienced team.

Jan Klavora

Jan is responsible for the development of one of the most successful biking tourism products in Slovenia, Trans Slovenia, as well as for the development of the transnational biking product in the Balkans, Trans Dinarica, and the Bike Slovenia Green product, which is one of the best products in 2020 according to the Guardian and National Geographic. Jan is also the manager of the biggest outdoor festival in Slovenia, the Soča Outdoor Festival.

Jan has a number of experiences in development of outdoor tourism products, as well as in strategic planning of biking and hiking tourism. He works with destinations and businesses in all development phases, from the identification of potential outdoor tourism products, strategic planning, and the design of hiking and cycling trails, to marketing and sales.


Jana Apih

Jana is the co-author of the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism (Slovenia Green), which was declared the most efficient national scheme for development of sustainable tourism and for which Slovenia has won a number of international awards.

She has plenty of experiences in marketing, strategic planning of tourism development, and implementation of sustainable practices. Among other, her experiences include project management for the Slovenian Tourist Board, management of the marketing agency Marethic, running a marketing department for the second biggest travel agency in Slovenia – Globtour, brand development and strategic marketing for travel industry in the Toleranca marketing agency, etc.

At the moment, Jana is managing the Institute Factory of Sustainable Tourism GoodPlace and is co-responsible for the development of the national certification program Slovenia Green.


Matic Klanjšček

Being a geodesist by profession, Matic had been active in the field of cartography and marine hydrography for a long time. He made a decision to start his own business (and later on to join the GoodPlace team), which was partly connected with his primary expertise of spatial informatics and gradually more and more with mountain bike guiding and the growth of tourism products related to it.

During his youth, he was active in sports, particularly in athletics. Later on, he became more devoted to mountaineering challenges. As climbing and expeditions took a lot of time, his passion for alpinism was eventually replaced by cycling. In recent years, Matic has been focused on mountain biking – in his free time as well as in the role of a mountain biking guide.


Matevž Hribar

He is a mechatronics engineer by education, but by interest he did many different stuff: he raced motorbikes, created content for various printed and digital automotive media, helped organize motorcycles tours, and in all this took care of the copywriting, photography and video recording as well as editing the websites and social media.

Matevž has a wide range of skills, which he likes to use to participate in projects with a sustainable orientation in recent years. Otherwise, he likes to hike in the mountains, cycle, freedive, take care of the garden and cook.


Andrej Bandelj

With more than 19 years of experience as a tourist guide, Andrej joined our team a few years ago as an expert in creating new routes, as he has excellent knowledge and understanding of two essential areas; nature and attractions in the wider region and the traveler – tourist.

Andrej is an enthusiastic hiker, runner and cyclist who likes to combine work with his hobbies.


Monja Ferčec

Monja je specialist za digitalni marketing in družbene medije z magisterijem iz družbenih ved. Izkušnje ima tako s spletnimi trgovinami, upravljanjem družbenih medijev, grafičnim oblikovanjem kot s pisanjem besedil. Želi pomagati družbeno ozaveščenim blagovnim znamkam, kjer z ustvarjanjem inovativnega marketinga pripomore, da lahko širijo svoje sporočilo in povečajo svoj pozitiven učinek.

Skrbi za Facebook marketing, razvoj blagovne znamke, ustvarjanje vsebin in reševanje digitalnih problemov, ko pa ni za zaslonom, jo boste našli v gorah ali plezalnih stenah.

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